Mother of Invention

Created by Twelfth Planet Press

An anthology of AI and robots.

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Mother of Invention: the Logo!
over 1 year ago – Tue, Sep 05, 2017 at 09:54:04 PM

We’ve reached an exciting point here at Robot HQ: our call for submissions is now closed. We’ve received over 200 submissions, and we can’t wait to read them. We really appreciate how excited and inspired you all were by our awesome anthology pitch.

September is a big month for our Mother of Invention crew: not only do we have a lot of reading to do, but we have a couple of tantalising early rewards coming your way: the first of our Artificial Intelligence essays, and the launch of the Frankentastic podcast. More news on these soon. 

While Robot HQ was being flooded by amazing fiction, we also found time to commission the wonderful Tania Walker to design our Mother of Invention logo. We’re beyond chuffed with the result. You’ll see the logo on our Robocup mugs, our tote bags, and other merchandise, so we hope you like it as much as we do.

(drum roll please)

I know, right? (note to selves, give Terri maximum notice to figure out how to put that egg icon on launch party cupcakes)

Over the coming few months, we’ll be working on designing & creating backer rewards, reading submissions, commissioning beautiful cover art, editing stories and generally gearing up make a book. We’ll be in touch now and then over the next year, to let you know when we have something exciting up our sleeve.


Tansy & Rivqa


Prizes, Ebooks & Submissions!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Aug 10, 2017 at 09:40:38 AM

Hi all

We've had a flurry of communications with some of you this week -- our first 250 and 500 backers should have received an email detailing how to download the bonus ebook prizes you are entitled to receive. If you didn't get that email and you think you should have done, please check your spam filters! It came from

Meanwhile submissions are underway for Mother of Invention. We will be open for subs until the end of August -- find the details here. We're delighted at how many stories we have received so far.

Between now and 2018, we'll be working on processing submissions, editing and producing our book as well as the extra rewards. Our plan is for rewards to be sent out between April and June next year, but we'll let you know if there are any delays or early surprises coming your way. We have commissioned the extra e-essays we funded through stretch goals, and those will be released to you, our Kickstarter backers, before they go live.

Oh, and Tansy's gender-swapped Frankenstein podcast starts in September! Tune in for that.

Thanks so much for your support during our glorious feminist robot month of fundraising. Mother of Invention was the most ambitious crowdfunding project that Twelfth Planet Press has launched to date, and we were delighted to exceed our target goal by so much. 

Essays Unbound & Enamel Planet UNLOCKED!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Jun 30, 2017 at 09:58:08 PM

 Last Update before our Kickstarter Closes.

Phew! In the last couple of days we've charged through 2 more stretch goals!

We're delighted to announce that the Essays Unbound project will be going ahead with three super smart writers: Aliette de Bodard, K. Tempest Bradford & Snow McNally.

We also just made it over the line of $24,000 which means -- assuming no one cancels their pledges -- we have also unlocked Enamel Planet, which means that the Twelfth Planet Press enamel pins are go! We're so excited about these, you have no idea.

4 and a half hours to go! We close at 1pm Saturday 1 July AEST. I've been saying all along that I think we can make $25,000, and... we're not that far from making it a reality. Last night, we revealed extra stretch goals to carry us through the last few hours of the campaign.

Let's make them count!


$25,000 - Essays Aloud! All essays will be produced as podcasts to aid accessibility.

$27,000 - Essays Unbound Even More! 3 further essays commissioned from exciting writers. All six essays will be podcasted & collected in an ebook edition, released as a bonus to all Kickstarter backers.

$30,000 - Enamel Universe! Every backer gets a Twelfth Planet Press pin as a bonus extra.

Dr Frankentastic UNLOCKED!
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jun 27, 2017 at 09:20:45 PM

Hello, backers!

We're on the final leg of our campaign, only 3 days to go. Thanks to YOU we hit our first stretch goal by reaching $21,000 funded, which means Tansy will be launching the DR FRANKENTASTIC podcast in September.

We still have more stretch goals to reach, which means more quality content for you. Thank you so much to everyone who is so invested in this book that you have been signal boosting and sharing so much. We appreciate it more than you can ever know.

The Mother of Invention campaign closes on Saturday, and after that the HARD WORK begins. We'll be sending out submission guidelines for our open reading period, and crunching down on the editing side of things (not to mention the whole, backer reward fulfilment job).



Mother of Invention is FUNDED!!!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Jun 25, 2017 at 07:45:08 PM

Thank you so much to all of our splendid backers. We're delighted to have met our funding goal so quickly. WE'RE GONNA MAKE THIS BOOK!

But there's no sitting on laurels at the Twelfth Planet Press ranch. We still have nearly a week left of our campaign, and a whole lot of fabulous stretch goals to reach for. We have even more potential stretch goals waiting in the wings to roll out if we get through these... so many cool and ambitious ideas to develop Mother of Invention into an even more epic project.

Stand by. We're shooting for the stars and beyond.


$21,000 - Dr Frankentastic! Tansy reads Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as an episodic podcast, starting in September 2017. The twist - she’ll be swapping pronouns to make this a female-driven narrative but changing no other words!

$23,000 - Essays Unbound! 3 artificial intelligence essays commissioned from exciting writers, exploring themes of gender & AI. We have Aliette De Bodard & K. Tempest Bradford signed up, with our 3rd essayist to be announced later.

$24,000 - Enamel Planet! every backer at $25 or above receives a gorgeous Twelfth Planet Press logo enamel pin with their rewards. We all totally want the pin, right??

$25,000 - WHO KNOWS? Watch this space for further stretch goal updates.