Mother of Invention

Created by Twelfth Planet Press

An anthology of AI and robots.

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almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 22, 2017 at 11:27:23 PM


I can't keep up with all the milestones we've been hitting! Powering on towards 20K and beyond.

When we hit $18K we announced stretch goals, via this adorable Facebook vid featuring Alisa & Mack. #mackneedsrobots

But if you can't see the vid, or you prefer your info in typed lettering, here they are:

$21,000 - Dr Frankentastic! Tansy reads Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein as an episodic podcast, starting in September 2017. The twist - she’ll be swapping pronouns to make this a female-driven narrative but changing no other words!

$23,000 - Essays Unbound! 3 artificial intelligence essays commissioned from exciting writers, exploring themes of gender & AI. We have Aliette De Bodard & K. Tempest Bradford signed up, with our 3rd essayist to be announced later.

$24,000 - Enamel Planet! every backer at $25 or above receives a gorgeous Twelfth Planet Press logo enamel pin with their rewards.

$25,000 - WHO KNOWS? Watch this space for further stretch goal updates.

We're very likely to fund in the next few days, so now is the time to check whether you want to upgrade your reward level. Can you really do without the tea and jam? Can you?

The super sad-face emoji news is that there are no more knitted robot or hand-stitched feminist bookmark levels. BUT -- you can still get these astounding hand-made special rewards at the ridic extravagant Robot Uprising $500 reward level, along with homemade gingerbread robots.

Check out our latest mini-MOI interview with one of our lovely authors, Eugene Myers! You can win his fabulous Norton-winning YA novel Fair Coin by commenting on the interview post if you are one of our backers from the US. In addition to this ALL OF YOU (as part of our first 450 backers) will receive a free short story by Eugene, "All the Lonely People."

To Infinity and Beyond! Next stop, funding & stretch goals! (Nearly there nearly there nearly there)


Week 2.5
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Jun 18, 2017 at 06:32:32 PM

We're more than halfway into our Mother of Invention campaign! We're at $13,333, 356 backers and 66%. Thanks to everyone who has continues to signal-boost and spread the word -- we appreciate it so much!

Last week, Rivqa, Tansy, Alisa and a bunch of other Twelfth Planet Press friends were at Continuum! We pre-launched Luminescent Threads, a fantastic upcoming work about the influences of Octavia Butler. We got to meet MOI author Seanan McGuire, who made a fantastic Guest of Honour at the con. 

We won some Ditmars! Defying Doomsday, TPP's previous anthology (as seen in our glamorous $18 reward level) co-won Best Collected Work. Tansy also won best novella for her Defying Doomsday story, "Did We Break The End of the World?" MOI author Cat Sparks won Best Short Story, which goes to show we pick our authors well! (As if there was any doubt)

Most importantly, we ate some amazing cake at the Twelfth Planet Press party.

This week's update is about JAM and TEA.

Our delicious upper reward tiers have been slow to fill up, and we suspect this is because we haven’t given enough specific details about exactly what Tasmanian made gourmet goodies you will receive as part of these rewards. A lot can change between now and then, so we don’t want to be TOO specific… but we can certainly give you some clues. 

Let’s start with the tea. The Art of Tea have a wondrous array of choices, but we thought for the sake of robot puns we should narrow it down to a caffeine-free rooibos (rooibot!) for our Artificial Reali-tea. 

 Our second clue is: “berry.” We haven’t decided exactly which berry blend yet, but we are leaning towards something involving raspberries because alliteration is almost as important to us as robot puns. 

We like our androids like we like our tea: feminist.

Now to the jam -- like many of the artificial intelligences in our book to come, the jam has not been built yet! Trust us when we say that all of Just Add Moonshine’s glorious concoctions are delicious and special. However, to whet your appetite: 

Supporters at the You Can’t Jam the Signal level will receive Random Robot Jam, but we will give you a chance to nominate sweet vs savoury in our backer survey, and to let us know of any food intolerances, to ensure (to the best of our ability) that you get something particularly tailored to your jammy requirements. 

 The special Mother of Invention batch of jam will not be made until after our Kickstarter has closed, and will depend on seasonal availability, but Jam!Kate has told us that for the time of year we are looking to deliver, we are likely to receive a gorgeous bright-coloured jelly based around strawberry, crab-apple or quince, along with her usual creative cocktail of spices and magic - whatever inspires her to invent! This will be an exclusive reward for supporters at the Welcome to the Machine, Robot Uprising and Singularity levels. 

Check out our gourmet reward levels today. You can upgrade your reward tier at any time before our campaign ends - but some tiers are limited, so get in while you can!

Some links:

Tansy made a Storify of her Tweet thread about how awesome all our authors are.

Mieneke from A Fantastical Librarian interviewed us.

Rivqa put up a mini-MOI interview with Jo Anderton.

Tansy wrote a guest post on Why We're Making Mother of Invention for The Book Smugglers.